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"Weaving Horizons: knowing, embracing and respecting other cultures in our Caribbean, our continent and in our world. This is the mission and the message of Afro-Caribbean Workshop which highlights the importance of this presentation at this crucial moment in our history."

"La misión y mensaje de Afro-Caribeño de Entrelazando Horizontes a través del conocimiento y respeto hacia otras culturas que conforman nuestro caribe, nuestro continente y nuestro mundo, cobra especial vigencia en estos momentos históricos."


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    This musical compilation represents some of the best recording projects  of Jorge Arce, which cover part of his career.

    Jorge Arce (formally known as Jorge Santiago Arce) musician, singer, actor, dancer, poet, historian and composer, has an excellent musical proposal to pool in their best recording projects ranging from 1993 to 2013.

    Jorge is a graduate of the Department of Drama at the University of Puerto Rico (1970-1977), graduated from Boston Conservatory’s Musical Theatre Program in 1985 and earned a Masters degree in 1994 at Harvard University , as well as courses leading to PhD in literature and history Center for Advanced Studies of Puerto Rico.

    As a musician, since 1971, shared the stage, he worked and recorded with great figures of our art scene such as Rafael Cortijo, Pete ( Pipo ) Ortiz Pica ( New Swing Sextet ), Pedro Rivera Toledo, Andy Montañez, Lucecita Benítez, Danny Rivera, Iris Chacón, Ramón Pedraza, Héctor Rodríguez, Gilberto Monroig, “Chuíto El de Bayamón”, Tite Curet, Sophy Hernández, Ruth Fernández, Tito Henríquez, Endel Dueño, Ángel Cabán Vale (El Topo), Fran Ferrer, Juancito Torres, Silverio Pérez, Tony Croato, Ramón Pedraza and many others. In 1972 he founded with recognized actresses and singers Carmen Nydia Velásquez and Nena Rivera innovative Trio Integración (1972 ) with whom he created the Puerto Rican version of La Muralla, original poem Don Nicolás Guillén and music by Quilapayún, later recorded and made a radio hit by the group Haciendo Punto en Otro Son.

    He was a founding member of the renowned group Atabal (1979), and member of the famous group in Haciendo Punto en Otro Son (1978-1983) as a recording and touring artist through United States and México. With Haciendo Punto he created and recorded the theater - musical piece Melodía en el Caño adaptation of the short story: En el Fondo del Caño hay un Negrito by the legendary Dominican - Puerto Rican writer José Luis González, and which recording was used in schools, it having at the same time a strong broadcast through television in Puerto Rico. He was director of the Music Program of the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture (2001-2003).

    As an actor, he worked with the most prominent theater companies in Puerto Rico and with great figures of our theater and television such as Pablo Cabrera, Victoria Espinosa, Idalia Pérez Garay, Sharon Riley, Gladys Rodriguez, Axel Anderson, Don Tommy Muñiz, the radio host-producer and actor Rafi Torres, José Miguel Agrelot, Orlando Rodriguez, Miguel Ángel Suarez and Sylvia Del Villard, among others.  He appeared in several international theater festivals such as the World Festival of Nancy, France ( 1974), the World Theatre Festival in Caracas, Venezuela, Bogotá, Colombia; Panamá and the 1st New York Latino Festival (1976).

    In Boston, the city where he developed a strong cultural work, he founded his own musical projects such as the Humano band (1987-2001 , Boston Music Award 1991) and Plena group Root (2011), which originally born in Puerto Rico in 1976 and still remains active.  In his more than 40 years of artistic and cultural work, Jorge has been recipient with many City, State and organizations’ recognition and awards in Boston and Puerto Rico.  He was also named a 2012 Traditional Arts Fellowship Finalist by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

    This project was accomplished with the financial support of the entertainer and friend Pedro Santiago.  Hope you enjoy this Compilation 1993-2013.

For translations into different languages -- Arabic, Chinese, Italian, French, German, Russian, Spanish or others visit the web site:

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