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Puerto Rico and Afro-Caribbean Culture

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"Weaving Horizons: knowing, embracing and respecting other cultures in our Caribbean, our continent and in our world. This is the mission and the message of Afro-Caribbean Workshop which highlights the importance of this presentation at this crucial moment in our history."

"La misión y mensaje de Afro-Caribeño de Entrelazando Horizontes a través del conocimiento y respeto hacia otras culturas que conforman nuestro caribe, nuestro continente y nuestro mundo, cobra especial vigencia en estos momentos históricos."


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Jorge Arce and Raiz de Plena

Jorge Arce & Humano: Afro-Caribbean Workshop Program Flyer Spanish PDF (600K) click here 

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Jorge Arce and Humano Sample Music MP3 Files


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Jorge Arce and Humano Video

Program Video Preview: JorgeArce en AfroCaribeño

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Afro-Caribeño in Boston at University of Massachusetts for TAG 2010 Conference

Jorge Arce workshop at Ryan Playground in Boston during summer of 2010

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JorgeArce y Raiz de Plena

Jorge Arce: Keeper of Tradition / Plenazo in Boston
Two months Puerto-Rican-Plena Music- and-Dance Workshop for neighborhood adults and children at Villa Victoria Center for the Arts, South End, Boston.
Workshop created and lead by Jorge Arce.
Sponsored by IBA, Inc. and Community Arts Advocates, Inc. May through June 2013.
It culminated in a Community Street-Parade with the participants.

Arce y Raiz de Plena: El Jolgorio de Boston 2011

JACK Y LOS TAMBORES (Cuento por Jorge Arce)
Amigos les comparto esta belleza de cuento, donde Jorge Arce demuestra Que aparte de ser Tremendo Cuentero también es gran Percusionista. Los tambores hablan por sí solos..deléitenlo y difúndanlo RUBEN TOLEDO.
Live broadcasted on "TV WIPR Channel 6, 2008

Haciendo Punto en otro Son- Cantar es vivir 1978

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